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Game On at Tri-Cities Holiday Parties

The holiday season is upon us and it's time to plan your holiday parties! Game On! Tri-Cities is a fun addition to any party big or small. Why stick the a traditional boring holiday party when you can have an interactive, action-packed, game filled evening?

Why Bring Game On! to Your Tri-Cities Holiday Parties?

Game On! Tri-Cities Corporate Event
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Let's start with the obvious. Game On! has been making Tri-Cities holiday parties FUN for years. With four attractions to choose from you have endless entertainment for your guests.

Battle head to head against friends, family, or co-workers on Toxic Meltdown, the fast paced inflatable action game, or race to the finish in Toxic Drop, a 78 foot giant obstacle course.

If that's too intense for you, opt for a stealthy game of laser tag or get your groove on playing Just Dance in our mobile game truck.


The best part about bringing us to your Tri-Cities holiday parties is no matter your age, there is something for everybody. Game On! provides entertainment for all ages.

Trust us, even Grandma and Grandpa can show you a few dance moves in the game truck or take you out in a "friendly" round of laser tag!


How often do you attend a stuffy holiday dinner party and you can only talk to the few people you happen to sit next to and one of them you usually have brought with you. This isn't interactive or engaging!

Game On! Tri-Cities brings people of all ages together in a highly interactive and engaging setting where you have the opportunity to be relaxed (and maybe a little bit competitive) and really get to know each other.


Bringing Game On! to your Tri-Cities holiday parties is SO easy!!! Tell us when and where you need us to show up, what you want us to bring (1 or all 4 attractions) and we will be there.

We set it all up for you, stay and provide "game coaches" to assure things run smoothly, and pack it up and take it away when your party is done.

Does it get any easier than that?


Game On! Tri-Cities Corporate Event
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