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5 Teen Birthday Parties Ideas in the Tri-Cities

Planning a birthday party for a teen can be challenging. It takes a little bit more to entertain and impress them as they get older. By throwing a fun themed party that is interactive, you will earn the coveted status of "cool parent" or at least maybe avoid the old standby "meh". Check out these teen birthday party ideas!

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“Wipeout" Party

What better way to entertain teens than to challenge their physical agility and pit them against each other in the ultimate action challenge. Using the hit TV show, Wipeout, as an inspiration, set up an obstacle course that can engage your teens for hours!

Bring in our hit action game inflatable, Toxic Meltdown, for the grand finale elimination round to crown your party victor!

“Hunger Games" Party

Hosting a "Hunger Games" party is always a big hit for both teen boys and girls. Game On! Tri-Cities will bring out all the laser tag gear you need to set up a fun course for your team to play on, and our game coach can serve as Coriolanus Snow, the President of Panem overseeing the games.

Separate your guests into districts, send in the tributes and let the games begin!

“So You Think You Can Dance" Party

What could be more fun than a dance party for teens? It gets them active, laughing, and having a great time.

Game On! Tri-Cities can roll out our mobile game truck and open up our outdoor theater for some dance game action.

Let your guests compete and the elected "judges" can score and pick who moves on in the competition.

Who will be the dance champion standing and earn bragging rights among all their friends?

Game On! Dance Games
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“The Amazing Race" Party

The hit TV show, The Amazing Race, brings together teams of two to complete a series of challenges by following clues around the world.

By hosting a combo party with Game On! Tri-Cities, you can set up fun challenges with the mobile game truck such as dance challenges, or racing video games. Follow up with a laser tag challenge, and end with the Toxic Meltdown Action Inflatable.

There are so many fun ways to use all of our party additions to make this an unforgettable event!

“Call of Duty" Party

Call of Duty is one of the most popular video games of this generation and setting up a "Call of Duty" birthday party for your teen couldn't be easier!

For some serious gaming action, bring out Game On! Tri-Cities Mobile Video Gaming & Laser Tag to your location and we'll open up our temperature controlled gaming theater and let you pick from all the Call of Duty games for your party as well as provide a game coach.

Next, bring the party outside and form your squads. Arm your guests with our laser tag guns and get the action started!

mobile game party
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