Take away party planning stress by booking a Tri-Cities Video Game Party!

Game On! Tri-Cities - Mobile Gaming Parties in Kennewick, WA
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Planning parties can be stressful. Where do you have it, what do you do for fun, how many people can you invite, inside or outside, how much is it going to cost, etc...

These questions apply whether it's a birthday party, graduation party, family reunion, going away/welcome home parties, and more.

Game On! takes off some of that stress and makes it easy for you.

Let's look at 5 reasons why you should book a Tri-Cities mobile video game party today!

A Fixed Price

Don't stress about the cost of your party and if the total will skyrocket with overtime and hidden add-ons.

Game On! offers you a fixed price for your party so you can enjoy your party worry free!

No Mess, No Stress

The Game On! Mobile Video Game Truck takes all the stress off setting up and take down.

We simply arrive with our truck, we handle your party start to finish, clean up and we're on our way.

Best of all, there are no messes inside your home to worry about!

Location, Location, Location

You've heard it before, location is everything!

With our mobile video game truck, you have the option of having your party anywhere you desire!

Let us set up at your home and you can sit back and relax in your own space with your own food while the kids have fun.

Need more room to run? We can set up at a park instead!

Game On! Tri-Cities - Mobile Gaming Parties
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Ideal for Ages 0-99

No matter your age, Game On! has a game for you. With a broad selection of games rated "E" for everyone all the way to "mature", you'll find the perfect games for your party.

Game On! also offers multiple screens so your guests can enjoy different games at the same time!


Game On! Rain or Shine, Day or Night!

Game On! Mobile Video Games Party
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No need to fret about the weather. Game On! will show up with our temperature controlled trailer, rain or shine, day or night!

Cool off with our air conditioning when it's 100 degrees outside.

Warm up and stay dry when it's wet and chilly.

Come in out of the wind.

Dark? Step inside for neon lights.

Game On! is the perfect solution for the fast changing Tri-Cities weather!