Planning a fair or carnival? We do those!

County Fairs and Carnivals are a lot of fun.

And so are we!

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So So Good!

As a planner for our annual county fair, I've worked with a lot of vendors and Game On! made it a breeze. And the participants had sooooo much fun. Kids, Adults -- you name it!

Looking for a great team-building exercise? Our mobile laser tag brings breathtaking fun to your church, gym, or local park.

The Toxic Meltdown inflatable game is great for any party or youth group activity. Duck, jump, and flip your way to an experience partygoers won't forget.

When it comes to church carnivals and fundraisers, our inflatable Toxic Drop obstacle course is a sure winner. Great for players of all ages!

Conquer your fear! It is specifically designed to look and feel like rock without using an abrasive wall surface so that you can accommodate the full range of climbers. Rock climbing helps conquer fears and increases mental strength!

Extreme archery is safe, inclusive, fast, fun, and physical! This activity is great for kids and adults, and it helps build self-confidence and other important youth-development skills and life lessons.

Our video game truck is a great way to engage young people in fun and fellowship. Perfect for youth group activities.

We've brought our giant inflatable games, mobile laser tag battlefield and video game truck to carnivals and fairs all over eastern Washington and Oregon.

Put us on your short list of preferred carnival vendors.

We've got the attractions, experience and employees to make large events take off.


This ain't our first rodeo. OK, actually we've never done a rodeo. But we could!


Deal with one vendor and choose from four great attractions. No mess, No stress—just a LOT of fun!


We set-up and tear down all carnival rentals and stay on-site during the event to ensure it's awesome!