We've all seen inflatable obstacle courses at events, but Toxic Drop isn't your ordinary bounce house rental. This inflatable challenge course features seven unique obstacles leading up to "the drop."

If you can't keep your balance, you'll find yourself free falling instead of existing by way of the giant slide.

Inflatable Rental - Toxic Drop Obstacle Course
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Toxic Drop is a whopping 78 feet long and climbs to an elevation of 16 feet where the course comes to an end with a steep slide or a dramatic drop.  Along the way, you are challenged by a series of inflatable road blocks to navigate through.

  • The Wedges

    A series of different size wedges to start the challenge course

  • The X Wall

    Blast your way through the giant looming "X" wall.

  • The Vault

    Hoist yourself up and over the vault before you get to your next challenge.

  • The Mangle

    Will you roll or duck and crawl through the series of horizontal tubes called the mangle?

  • The Blocks

    Climb up, up and up on these rather unstable blocks and see if you make it to the top!

  • The Drop

    Can you make the leap to the slide from the top, or will you drop?

  • The Slide

    If you make it to the end, reward your hard work with a dramatic exit from the steep slide!

Toxic Drop Obstacle Course Inflatable Rental
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If you have the room, we'll bring it to you! Toxic Drop is great for parties, reunions, corporate events, school carnivals, church fundraisers, fairs and more!