Whether you are a small business, warehouse, or big corporate offices, team building activities are crucial to bring together employees to establish strong relationships. Why settle for boring when you can engage everyone in a friendly battle of laser tag!

What? Laser tag? YES! Not only is laser tag a fun game everyone can participate in, it uses many skills that are perfect for a team building exercise.

Problem Solving & Skill Building

A game of laser tag requires a group of people to come together, pick a leader, and create a strategy. The team must identify the obstacles and plan the best route of attack to achieve victory.

Each team will use problem-solving skills and learn new approaches as they work together to keep everyone alive.

Decision Making Skills

In a group setting, decision making can be difficult because there are many different opinions and approaches. Your teams will have to work together to come to a unified decision on the strategy that will best suit them.

Effective Communication

The teams will not move forward if they can not learn to effectively communicate with one another. From strategy to game-play, your teams will have to work together to communicate where to go next.


A game of laser tag never goes according to plan. The teams will have to adapt to each new situation and reformulate their strategies. This will teach them how to work together to be flexible and work with stressful situations.

Team Trust

The strongest teams trust each other. In order for a team to come out the winner, they will have had to develop trust in one another, how to depend on each other, and communicate for victory.

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